A New Venture: Crowns by 5th & Farmer

Hi Dolls!

As a brand new, start up blog I don’t have much of a following to disappoint with this news. However, I wanted to let you all know that my blogging endeavor will be put on hold for the time being due to my commitment to the small business I recently started. While  I was on a two month hiatus from 5th & Farmer, I was busy at work creating a handmade hair accessory business called Crowns by 5th & Farmer. I sell my products on Etsy, and you can view my online store here. My store specalizes in flower crowns and headpieces, both of which are so in right now & I, for one, am obsessed with! Here’s a sample of what I sell on my site


In addition, I recently launched an exclusive line of Sorority themed flower crowns that make perfect big little gifts, an adorable accessory on Bid Day, Recruitment, sisterhoods, events, or promotional photo shoots. I have a line of specialty vintage headpieces that I am planning to launch this coming week, and they are seriously stunning, I’m way too excited! I wrote a small story that provides a little background on what inspired me to open my own business:

Crowns Fit For A Princess

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of daises, pearls, lace, and beautiful gems…As a student and sorority girl at one of the nation’s largest colleges, I experience and witness the lives of women who strive to express themselves through style & fashion everyday. From festivals to formals, an accessory always adds the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Finding the right accessory, however, is usually the hardest part. My aim is to shorten the search and provide the beautiful, classy, powerful woman with the accessory that fits. Fits like a crown. After envisioning the perfect combination of a girly, glam, bohemian, yet sophisticated piece, I just had to create it. Designing, creating, and crafting have always been a passion of mine. Selling handmade bracelets door to door at the age of 8 and clearly never growing out of it. Through creating hair accessories for women, my goal is to empower those who wear Crowns by 5th & Farmer to be unique, be themselves, and feel like royalty.

If the crown fits, wear it.

…The End

So the time has come for me to say au revoir to the blogging world for now. Best wishes to all of you & be sure to keep an eye out for Crowns by 5th & Farmer.
Crowns by 5th & Farmer
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