A DASHing Office Space

Keeping up with the Kardashians is easier said than done, as the LA and Atlanta based designer Brian Patrick Flynn, soon found out when he was given the challenge of creating three office spaces for Kardashian Jenner Communications. His work is always wonderful and these offices are no exception. I could stare at these rooms all day and not bat an eye. Lucky for Liz Killmond, who handles the affairs of the younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, she gets to do just that.

The black and white striped walls create a bold yet sleek look that define the space. Functional details include the large gold framed chalkboard and cobalt blue porcelain lamps. The symmetry of his work never ceases to strike a chord with me, as the arraignment of the decor is flawlessly placed.

The details are immaculate with diverse textures and patterns that come together through the accent color. The navy and cream Moroccan vase and the blue ikat pillows are a perfect example of how to properly mix patterns.

Noelle Keshishian’s office is my absolute favorite. I die for the wallpaper, I love anything with a metallic element and I’ve always been a fan of Moroccan prints. The black desk makes a simple statement and is accented perfectly by the mirrored console. Again, he’s after my heart with the symmetrical placing of the beautiful black lamps and continues to kill it with the modern chandelier. My love affair with lighting doesn’t end here…

The black chandelier in the extra office, which was created for future employees of the expanding Kardashian Jenner empire, is the perfect style to offset the wooden desk and graphic wallpaper and rug.

If I could spend a day of my working life in an office that looks remotely similar to these works of art, I’d die a happy girl. A job well done to Brain P Flynn who successfully kept up with the Kardashians.

images via Atlanta Homes, design by Bryan Patrick flynn, photos by Sarah Diorio.