Room Service, Old Sport?

As if I needed to find another reason to fuel my love affair with The Great Gatsby, I came across this…


To my awe, wonder, and delight I discovered that The Plaza Hotel and Restoration Hardware partnered up to create the Fitzgerald Suite. A suite made in homage to the author and Luhrmann’s cinematic masterpiece. Designer Catherine Martin was the brain behind the design and décor in the beautiful 900-square-foot room. Her flawless set design in the film prove to be just as equally fabulous in the suite, between the stunning era-inspired art deco furniture to the rich color palette. Did I mention that it’s only a few doors down from the Eloise Suite? Sign me up; I think I’m due for a trip to New York.

Images via The Plaza Hotel.


Party At Gatsby’s

Being mildly obsessed with F. Scotts Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby since it’s required reading in honors English back in high school, I was more than excited to finally see Baz Luhrmann’s take on the cult classic this weekend. Captivated by the romance, decadence, mystery, magic, glitz, and glam I can admit that despite the reviews, I was infatuated. Seriously, what more could a girl ask for out of a film? Aside from being inspired to spend my last summer in college trying to recreate the roaring 20’s via partying in Scottsdale, LA, and Vegas, Gatsby also triggered an urge to read the rest of Fitzgerald’s novels. The movie reminded me of what a literal genius he is, so I decided that my next purchase is going to be The Beautiful and the Damned from Coralie Bickford-Smith. Between the modern soundtrack (The Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray on repeat) to the lavish party scenes, the film was a visual masterpiece designed to be the ultimate cinematic experience. The prestigiously picked cast was further embellished with the wardrobe, which had me eager to find my own luxurious 20’s inspired pieces. Take a look, pick something out, grab a stiff martini, and shake it!

Party At Gatsby's