A New Venture: Crowns by 5th & Farmer

Hi Dolls!

As a brand new, start up blog I don’t have much of a following to disappoint with this news. However, I wanted to let you all know that my blogging endeavor will be put on hold for the time being due to my commitment to the small business I recently started. While  I was on a two month hiatus from 5th & Farmer, I was busy at work creating a handmade hair accessory business called Crowns by 5th & Farmer. I sell my products on Etsy, and you can view my online store here. My store specalizes in flower crowns and headpieces, both of which are so in right now & I, for one, am obsessed with! Here’s a sample of what I sell on my site


In addition, I recently launched an exclusive line of Sorority themed flower crowns that make perfect big little gifts, an adorable accessory on Bid Day, Recruitment, sisterhoods, events, or promotional photo shoots. I have a line of specialty vintage headpieces that I am planning to launch this coming week, and they are seriously stunning, I’m way too excited! I wrote a small story that provides a little background on what inspired me to open my own business:

Crowns Fit For A Princess

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of daises, pearls, lace, and beautiful gems…As a student and sorority girl at one of the nation’s largest colleges, I experience and witness the lives of women who strive to express themselves through style & fashion everyday. From festivals to formals, an accessory always adds the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Finding the right accessory, however, is usually the hardest part. My aim is to shorten the search and provide the beautiful, classy, powerful woman with the accessory that fits. Fits like a crown. After envisioning the perfect combination of a girly, glam, bohemian, yet sophisticated piece, I just had to create it. Designing, creating, and crafting have always been a passion of mine. Selling handmade bracelets door to door at the age of 8 and clearly never growing out of it. Through creating hair accessories for women, my goal is to empower those who wear Crowns by 5th & Farmer to be unique, be themselves, and feel like royalty.

If the crown fits, wear it.

…The End

So the time has come for me to say au revoir to the blogging world for now. Best wishes to all of you & be sure to keep an eye out for Crowns by 5th & Farmer.
Crowns by 5th & Farmer
Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/5thandFarmer
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CrownsBy5thandFarmer?ref=hl
Instagram: http://instagram.com/crownsby5thandfarmer/#
Twitter: https://twitter.com/5thandFarmer

Style Crush: Laura Whitmore

My most recent inspiration comes in the form of a beautiful blonde journalist turned It girl, Laura Whitmore. Her claim to fame was attainment of a highly coveted position as an MTV presenter, as she then went on to other television gigs, even hosting a 360° red carpet show. Appearing at only the best, and all of the best, events on the scene, she has really made a mark in the fashion world. With her flawless sense of style, immaculate taste, and on spot outfits, she earned herself front row seats to nearly all of London Fashion Week’s finest designers. It doesn’t stop there, Whitmore doubles as a DJ. I can’t even. She has spun at many nightclubs in London, and is a client of JP Talent, taking booking inquiries. London born babe, MTV presenter, fashion icon, looks to kill for, party princess… should I go on? Take a look for yourself.


If you’re just as infatuated as I am, here is her Twitter account so you can stalk her like I plan to do. Also here is the link to book her, if you’re for some reason looking for a woman DJ. Why not? I love it. Enjoy, dolls!

P.S. She’s spotted wearing the likes of: Zoe Jordan, J Brand, Felder Felder, Heohwan, Jimmy Choo, Bora Aksu, and even H&M, Guess, and River Island. Designer chic paired with simple, affordable chic. Dying.


Musical Monday: Young & Beautiful (Marcus Schossow Summer Remix) by Lana Del Ray

As if I didn’t love the original version of Young & Beautiful enough, this remix by Marcus Schossow comes out and just blows it out of the water. He persevered the sentimental passion of the song while adding a lovely progressive house melody behind it. It’s everything.

Lana_Del_Rey header-listen-to-lana-del-reys-single-for-the-great-gatsby-soundtra




My Weekend {According to Instagram}

I spent this weekend at my parent’s house, in Colorado. Going home for a few weeks at the beginning of summer is puts me in much needed rehabilitation, relaxation, and restoration mode. It’s also so nice to spend time with my family, who I have missed dearly. Here is little snapshot of what my weekend looked like…



Since I have a tendency to wake up closer to a lunch hour rather than a breakfast hour, we can call this my brunch. Or pre-hike meal. Ava & tomatoes, chicken breast, broc, and a few sweet potato fries.

My Mom and I went on a two and half hour hike at Daniel’s Park.  The trail was really flat and simple, so it was very casual and more like a trail walk than a hike, but it was still enjoyable thanks to this view of the Rocky Mountains. Spent the night watching Arrested Development with my family, we seriously can’t get enough of the crude humor, it’s semi ridiculous how much we’ve been watching it.



Ran quite a few errands with my Mom including my favorite, the shops at Cherry Creek North. These were just a few of my favorite finds in the décor boutiques.

Stopped at Sugarlicious to get our mid afternoon shopping fix. Mom got an English toffee and sorry but how cute is the pretzel? Had to.

Macaroons are semi-annoying at this point but honestly couldn’t turn them away in trinket box form. Perfect to store my favorite rings & things.

ima34ge im232age
Jonathan Adler store, always a favorite.

At Lowes and I couldn’t resist.

Honestly, I apologize for how horrendous this photo is. You’re probably not going to even want to try this recipe after my photog skills but I swear, it’s actually really yummy and perfect for a spring time dinner. I really need to upgrade my iPhone (waiting for the 6?) so my food pictures will actually look appetizing rather than compromising (lol).



Woke up bright and early to head to the mountains for my cousin’s Confirmation. Lovely or grueling? I’ll let you decide. No photo, mornings aren’t my thing.

Oh just my monochromatic snack…

i32mage im324age imaevvge imafffge imag4dfe imagfhe imarerfege imfff4age imgg4age
Highlight of the weekend: the Denver Zoo. The weather was so beautiful and all the animals were out to play. My phone died a little less than half way into the day (and then my Mother’s shortly after), so here are the photos I managed to snap. Favorite: lion cubs (not pictured, so depressed about it).


Random notes & thoughts:
-Sadly, I took my nail polish off (My Vampire is Buff by OPI is my current go to) in attempts to get some life back into my nails. Along with taking biotin, vitamin E, omega 3, a B-complx, and women’s multi vitamin to help my nails (and hair) grow stronger, I painted on a coat of Nail Envy by OPI. Trying to salvage the damage of two years+ of acrylics and gels. Like whyyyy?
-Waiting for my Wen to come in the mail, I picked up the Organix Keratin Oil conditioner at Target to hold me out. So far, I’m LOVING it. The Organix brand had so many choices which made it hard for me, but I ended up choosing this one because it has keratin AND argan oil (oil of the gods for your hair, see my post on growing hair long & strong for more info). Has anyone tried the Organix brand before? Thoughts?
-I’m so horrible about taking photos of myself, or having other’s take them for me… of me. If that makes sense. I’d really like to work on that moving forward.
-It’s now 4am on Sunday night. It just now came to me that I can set the post to publish at a set time. Genius.
“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” -Rumi


Sleepless Sunday Funday Sounds

I have self proclaimed sleeping issues, for anyone wondering why I am posting on a Sunday night at 2am. Not very logical or smart in the blogging world, or at least according to the social media marketing infographics I’ve seen. But you know, it is what it is. Here are my top tracks for the week. Enjoy, dolls!



Tiesto Ft. Kyler England – Take Me (Original Mix)

Okay, so it’s not “Music Monday” or “Tunes on Tuesday”, and it’s literally 2:55 on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning but I just had to share this track that I can’t stop replaying. As the first single taken from Club Life: Volume Three Stockholm, Tiesto’s upcoming album, it is the perfect mix of trance-y vocals and progressive house vibes. I have a feeling in my bones that this song is about to become the anthem to my early summer shenanigans.

Baby, won’t you take me with you?


With Tiesto the beautiful genius himself.


Room Service, Old Sport?

As if I needed to find another reason to fuel my love affair with The Great Gatsby, I came across this…


To my awe, wonder, and delight I discovered that The Plaza Hotel and Restoration Hardware partnered up to create the Fitzgerald Suite. A suite made in homage to the author and Luhrmann’s cinematic masterpiece. Designer Catherine Martin was the brain behind the design and décor in the beautiful 900-square-foot room. Her flawless set design in the film prove to be just as equally fabulous in the suite, between the stunning era-inspired art deco furniture to the rich color palette. Did I mention that it’s only a few doors down from the Eloise Suite? Sign me up; I think I’m due for a trip to New York.

Images via The Plaza Hotel.


Party At Gatsby’s

Being mildly obsessed with F. Scotts Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby since it’s required reading in honors English back in high school, I was more than excited to finally see Baz Luhrmann’s take on the cult classic this weekend. Captivated by the romance, decadence, mystery, magic, glitz, and glam I can admit that despite the reviews, I was infatuated. Seriously, what more could a girl ask for out of a film? Aside from being inspired to spend my last summer in college trying to recreate the roaring 20’s via partying in Scottsdale, LA, and Vegas, Gatsby also triggered an urge to read the rest of Fitzgerald’s novels. The movie reminded me of what a literal genius he is, so I decided that my next purchase is going to be The Beautiful and the Damned from Coralie Bickford-Smith. Between the modern soundtrack (The Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray on repeat) to the lavish party scenes, the film was a visual masterpiece designed to be the ultimate cinematic experience. The prestigiously picked cast was further embellished with the wardrobe, which had me eager to find my own luxurious 20’s inspired pieces. Take a look, pick something out, grab a stiff martini, and shake it!

Party At Gatsby's